BOULDER, COLO. — The Pet Sustainability Coalition (PSC) has partnered with WeSpire, a technology platform, on a 30-day campaign encouraging pet industry companies to become more diverse, equitable and inclusive.

The 30-Day and 1,000 Actions Challenge will take place throughout September. The campaign will present 1,000 “small actions” companies can take to improve on the three tenants and encourage long-term change.

“Big changes start with small actions, and we believe that the 30-Day Challenge will be a great platform for our industry to identify tangible ways to make a difference,” said Caitlyn Bolton, executive director of PSC. “As an organization whose vision is for a vibrant and collaborative pet industry that has a positive impact on the community and environments where we do business, achieving diversity, equity and inclusion is foundational to reaching our vision.”

Individual employees can register for the challenge through WeSpire, then join their company’s respective team on the platform. Individuals can choose from a list of small actions, which they will be responsible for within their company to promote diversity, equitability and inclusion. These actions include allyship, anti-racism, and overall diversity and inclusivity.

PSC will report on company’s improvements and adjustments when the challenge ends in October.

The organization will host a webinar on Aug. 5 to discuss details and benefits of the campaign. Once the challenge ends, PSC said it will continue to provide resources and information on diversity, equitability and inclusion for pet industry companies year-round, including connecting personnel with specialists, tools, project support and education.

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