NORTH PORT, FLA. — Choice Pet Products, a premium pet food and product distributor operating across Florida, announced May 26 it has partnered with Remy’s Kitchen to distribute the company’s dog treat products to independent pet retailers throughout the state.

“By adding Remy’s Kitchen to our family of brands, we are providing our customers with another high-quality treat option,” said Bob Sledzinski, vice president of independent retail sales and operations. “Their focus on proper nutrition containing superfoods, antioxidants and natural vitamins are consistent with our standards for quality nutrition and we look forward to offering these great treats to our retail partners.”

Remy’s Kitchen produces freeze-dried raw pet treats with a focus on biologically appropriate formulations. Its treats line includes a line of freeze-dried animal proteins, deemed “pure protein treats,” as well as “superfood snacks,” and “meat medleys,” which feature 100% freeze-dried animal proteins and by-products.

The brand uses all US-sourced animal ingredients. Its pet treat formulations are free from artificial preservatives, fillers such as rice, corn, potatoes, soy or wheat, and do not include hormones or antibiotics. Formulas are designed to minimize allergens, according to Remy’s Kitchen.

"We couldn't be more excited about this new partnership,” said Lisa McMillan, founder of Remy’s Kitchen. “Choice's mission of spreading quality products and education about the importance of pet nutrition aligns perfectly with our desire to share the finest biologically appropriate AND delicious treats with all of our canine friends!"

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