STAMFORD, Conn. — Stella & Chewy’s, a raw-focused pet food manufacturer, has become the 50th brand partner of Good Boy Studios (GBS), a tech company working in the pet product and service market. GBS has also collaborated with other premium pet food and treat brands, such as Earth Animal, Charlee Bear and Health Extension.

GBS will help grow Stella & Chewy’s brand through its mobile app, Pet Parade, which is specifically designed to drive brand awareness, online and in-store traffic and engagement with pet owners for pet industry retailers, brands and service providers.

“Our vision is to connect millennial shoppers with brands they love, like Stella & Chewy’s, in a fun and engaging way. With the success we’ve had so far, we’re optimistic and eager for what future connections we can make as the pet industry continues to grow and evolve,” said Viva Chu, CEO and co-founder of Good Boy Studios.

The digital marketing company utilizes proprietary demographics to target pet owners based on pet profile data including lifestyle, breed, gender, age, weight, fur type and health conditions. The Pet Parade platform also helps with marketing new products, consumer sampling and insights.

Founded in 2003, Stella and Chewy’s began as a door-to-door startup in New York and is now based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

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