LONG BEACH, Calif. — Family-owned Redbarn Pet Products officially released its latest line of premium, complete-and-balanced cat food, Filets Flaked in Broth, on Sept. 30 under its Redbarn Naturals brand. The company first debuted the product at Global Pet Expo in March 2019.

The grain-free Filets are formulated with high-quality ingredients such as shrimp, tuna, salmon and pumpkin. The diets are high in moisture to promote hydration and high in protein.

Taking after its name, the cat food includes large flakes of meat in a savory broth. Animal meats for each formula are sourced from Thailand and quality tested at Redbarn’s processing facility in Great Bend, Kansas, according to the company.

Redbarn’s Filets Flaked in Broth line features five formulas: chicken and tuna, tuna and turkey, salmon and shrimp, tuna and salmon, and tuna and pumpkin. The diets are designed to enhance the mealtime experiences and nutrition of adult cats.

"We believe pets deserve real, fresh food. That's why Redbarn uses premium wild-caught fish and high-quality poultry in our Filets," said Lindsay Tracy, director of new business and product development at Redbarn Pet Products. "You can really see and identify the ingredients in each of the recipes, giving both the pet parent and their cat a unique, hand-fed feel at mealtime."

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