TEWKSBURY, Mass. — WellPet LLC’s flagship brand, Wellness Natural Pet Food, on Aug. 20 launched eight grain-inclusive dog food formulas under its CORE line. These are the first CORE dog diets to include grains, and also feature high levels of protein.

Four diets will appear under the CORE with Wholesome Grains line, and four will fit into CORE RawRev formulas, which include both kibble and 100% freeze-dried meat inclusions.

The specific grains incorporated in these new diets, including quinoa, barley and oats, were chosen because they are highly digestible and serve as a source of fiber, added protein, essential vitamins and minerals, and taurine, Wellness said.  

“Our Wellness CORE recipes are based on the philosophy that dogs, based on their primal ancestry, thrive on a diet comprised primarily of meat,” said Chanda Leary-Coutu, director of consumer experience at Wellness. “A diet rich in high quality protein can help support a healthy weight, shiny coat, digestive health and more. Our new grained recipes now offer those same protein-focused benefits for pet parents looking to add nutrient-rich grains into their dog’s diet as well.” 

CORE with Wholesome Grains will be available in four formulas: deboned turkey, chicken meal and turkey meal; ocean whitefish, herring meal and Menhaden fish meal; deboned turkey, turkey meal and chicken meal for small breeds; and deboned chicken, chicken meal and turkey meal for puppies.

CORE RawRev with Wholesome Grains formulas will mimic the original CORE with Wholesome Grains recipes, but will include freeze-dried raw meat morsels.

All eight Wellness grain-inclusive CORE formulas are legume- and potato-free and do not include artificial ingredients.

Wellness Natural Pet Food also announced Aug. 20 that it’s recently created foundation, the Wellness Foundation, has begun a partnership with Best Friends Animal Society, a national organization advocating for animal welfare and humane animal shelter practices.

This is the Wellness Foundation’s first partnership to support its mission to provide access to natural nutrition to pets in need. As the official pet food partner for Best Friends Animal Society, Wellness will donate its pet food and treats to Best Friends’ animal shelters throughout the US.

To raise awareness for the organization and partnership, Wellness has launched a new co-branded treat line, CORE Bestie Bars, which feature endearing sayings on each biscuit. Bestie Bars are formulated with protein-rich and superfood ingredients and are free from corn, grains, soy and artificial ingredients.

“The Wellness Foundation not only allows us to ensure more pets across the country have that same opportunity to be healthy and happy, but it also invites pet parents to join the movement,” said Camelle Kent, CEO of WellPet. “By feeding Wellness to their own pets at home, pet parents will now know that they’re enabling us to do the same for pets in need.” 

The pet food manufacturer will also help advocate for pet adoption and volunteer at Best Friends’ centers and events as part of the partnership.

“At Best Friends, we’re on a mission to achieve no-kill in America’s shelters nationwide by 2025, and we believe we’ll be able to do so with the help of partners like the Wellness Foundation,” added Julie Castle, CEO of Best Friends Animal Society.

Wellness Natural Pet Food and Best Friends Animal Society announced their partnership during SuperZoo on Aug. 21 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Additionally, the pet food manufacturer is exhibiting its new grain-inclusive diets during the trade show through Aug. 22.

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