SAN DIEGO — Leading US pet product retailer Petco on Oct. 12 added performance diets to its private label pet food brand, WholeHearted, shortly after announcing its rebranding to become “Petco, the Health + Wellness Co.”

The WholeHearted Active Performance line includes two formulas — chicken with rice and beef with rice — formulated for active dogs to promote healthy digestion, improve mobility and support skin and coat health. The diets are formulated with 89% protein from animal sources and do not contain corn.

"We are committed to improving the lives of pets and pet parents, and that means providing them with more specialized, high-quality nutrition offerings that meet their specific needs at an affordable price point," said Nick Konat, chief merchandising officer for Petco. "Featuring a top-notch formulation and unique ingredient panel, WholeHearted Active Performance will help fuel active dogs while giving them the nutrients they need to help maintain healthy lifestyles."

Petco first launched its WholeHearted brand in 2016. It includes dog and cat food and treats in grain-free and grain-inclusive, life-stage and breed-specific options.

The retailer’s rebranding comes on the tails of its announcement of banning the sale of shock collars at its stores on Oct. 6. Petco also purged its shelves of pet food products with artificial ingredients in May 2019, upping its nutritional standards. The rebranding “reflects Petco’s more than 55-year journey to becoming a health and wellness company,” Petco stated in the announcement.

“As an essential retailer during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Petco has served as the grocery store, the doctor's office and the pharmacy for America's pets, delivering on its promise as a partner to pet parents within a dramatically changed landscape,” the company stated.

In addition to its rebranding and shock collar ban, Petco plans to continue expanding its pet services to offer complete care to pet owners. This includes accessible, affordable veterinary care, new and expanded healthcare solutions, redesigns to its website and mobile app, other digital resources and continuous improvement initiatives.

The company launched Vital Care earlier in October, a paid annual plan to help pet owners facilitate pet care plans and appointments through a single platform, promoting convenience and affordability. 

"Petco's Vital Care Wellness Plan is the latest offering in our mission to improve the lives of pets and pet parents," said Ron Coughlin, chief executive officer of Petco. "With Vital Care we are offering critical, everyday services, from nail trims and teeth brushing to vet care, in a way that has never been done before – all in one accessible destination."

Petco also shared plans for major marketing campaigns highlighting the company’s evolution to debut in early 2021.

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