RALEIGH, N.C. — Veterinary professionals and students, breeders, canine health scientists and dog lovers overall shared research on canine health, including the management of conditions such as epilepsy, cancer, diseases and behavioral problems, during Nestlé Purina’s 12th biennial AKC Canine Health Foundation (CHF) National Parent Club Canine Health Conference Aug. 9 to 11 in St. Louis, Missouri.

"This conference provides a unique and important opportunity for those who invest in and conduct health research to interact and discuss outcomes and ideas to directly benefit the overall health and well-being of dogs," said Diane Brown, DVM, Ph.D., DACVP, chief executive officer of CHF. "We appreciate hearing the shared voices of attendees that include our dedicated supporters, and our partners from Purina, OFA, AKC, Elanco Animal Health, and Pet Partners Insurance."

Some key topics discussed at the conference include vector-borne diseases associated with immune-mediated disease; recent epidemiology research on canine leptospirosis in the US and Canada; the use of immunotherapy in canine oncology; panel discussions on nutrition and disease, as well as genetics and disease; and best practices for genetic testing and breed diversity in dogs.

According to Purina, the conference drew nearly 300 attendees, including 31 US veterinary students and five current and previous AKC/AKCCHF/TF Theriogenology Residents.

The pet food manufacturer has hosted the event since it began in 1997 and, since then, has donated more than $14 million to support research funded by the CHF. The CHF is currently contributing $10 million in grants across its portfolio of 128 active research studies to address pressing canine health concerns.

“Purina is our partner in helping to educate dog owners about canine diseases and increase awareness that comes from our funded research studies. We have a rich history together that has resulted in benefits to dogs and their owners through better diagnoses, treatments and outcomes for canine health,” Brown added.

“The strength of this partnership lies in our shared passion and commitment to support research that will help dogs live long, healthy lives,” said Ann Viklund, a member of the board of directors of the CHF and director of conformation at Purina. “At Purina, our vision is to advance the lives of pets, and by sponsoring this conference, our goal is to create an environment that allows breed parent club representatives and other key influencers to learn information they can disseminate broadly to the dog-owning public.”

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