BRUSSELS — The European Pet Food Industry Federation (FEDIAF) has released its 2018 statistics on the European pet industry, showing overall sales growth of $3.36 billion (€3 billion) to $44.22 billion (€39.5 billion), up 8.2% from $40.86 billion (€36.5 billion) in 2017.

Annual pet food sales in Europe totaled $23.51 billion (€21 billion) in 2018, accounting for 53% of total pet industry sales throughout the region. Over the past three years, the European pet food market has grown 2.5%, according to FEDIAF.

Other pet industry categories reined in $20.71 billion (€18.5 billion) in revenue, with pet accessories at $9.52 billion (€8.5 billion) and services at $11.2 billion (€10 billion).

FEDIAF estimated 132 companies are involved in the production of pet food and pet products in Europe, operating approximately 200 manufacturing facilities throughout the region and directly employing roughly 100,000 people.

Additionally, FEDIAF projected there is an additional 900,000 people employed in connection to the pet industry, including suppliers, veterinarians, pet store workers, breeders, trade show and media personnel, as well as animal welfare and transport staff.

Approximately 80 million European households own at least one pet, with approximately 25% owning at least one cat and 24% owning at least one dog. The number of cat-owning households increased from 2017 to 2018, although the total pet population remained stagnant.

FEDIAF reported there are approximately 75.3 million cats and 65.5 million dogs living in the European Union, as well as 103.8 million cats and 85.2 million dogs throughout all of Europe.

“It is heartening to see that Europeans continue to care for their pets and enjoy being surrounded by them,” commented Mechthild Exner-Herforth, president of FEDIAF. “This year’s figures show again that pet owners remain committed to not only providing good nutrition for their pets, but to all aspects of their care which is highlighted by the increased spending on veterinary care and accessories, thus ensuring a better life of pets and a better life together.”

FEDIAF shared these statistics during its Annual General Meeting in Prague June 13-14.

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