KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Shick Esteve officially opened its new 108,000-sq.-ft. manufacturing facility April 1, expanding its capabilities for forming, rolling, laser cutting and welding fabricated parts. The expansion is located just down the street from the company’s headquarters.

“The expansion was driven by two goals, both centered around serving our customer base,” said Tim Cook, president and CEO of Shick Esteve. “We have grown as a company and this gives us the capacity that we needed to meet increased customer demand in a timely manner. Additionally, with the new fabrication and machining equipment we are positioned for higher quality manufacturing capabilities with stainless steel products.”

Some manufacturing processes at Shick Esteve’s headquarters will continue but, now that the new site is operational, the company will capitalize on the opportunity to begin improvements to its main facility, including renovations to the test lab space to improve on-site ingredient trial experiences.

According to Shick Esteve, expanding the test lab has been a long-time goal of the company and will allow for more ingredient trials, additional space for equipment, and the ability to offer a turnkey testing environment with the integration of the mixing and baking capabilities of its Linxis sister companies.

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