LAS VEGAS — In December, Shick Esteve will begin operation at the new and improved Linxis North American Technology Center in Kansas City, MO. The approximately 15,000-sq.-ft. facility has been expanded and renovated to become a hands-on test lab, education and demonstration opportunities.

The center will give customers the chance to evaluate their formulations using the latest ingredient automation, mixing and depositing technology as well as cutting-edge process control and IIoT technology. Combining the equipment capabilities and expertise of all Linxis Group partners — Shick Esteve, Diosna, Unifiller Systems, and VMI — the center’s processes include automated minor ingredients, liquid automation, liquid blending, dough mixing, pre-dough and fermentation technology, state-of-the-art process control system, dry ingredient blending and sifter validation. Many of these technologies were showcased at IBIE and at the Linxis Group partners’ booths.

“With the help of its Linxis Group partners as well as many key supplier partners, the renovated technology center will be a temperature-controlled R.&D., joint testing, training and education center that boasts many equipment and process updates,” said Aaron Irvin, director of systems and products. “This will create a unique experience that is unmatched by anyone in the industry.”

Available to customers from around the world, the Linxis North American Technology Center opens a realm of possibilities for bakers and snack producers. For more information, visit

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