KANSAS CITY, MO. — Shick Esteve announced Sept. 4 a new partnership with Frazer-Nash Manufacturing, in which the two companies will provide automated ingredient solutions to pet food manufacturers.

The companies will utilize Shick Esteve’s process design and manufacturing experience and Frazer-Nash Manufacturing’s Sanitary Extruder Hoods (SEH) to optimize post-extrusion processes, including negative air lift systems, Shick Esteve reported.

“We are very excited to have established this partnership bringing two industry leading organizations together,” said Tim Cook, vice president of Linxis Group, a Shick Esteve subsidiary, and chief executive officer of Shick Esteve. “The combination of the Frazer-Nash sanitary extruder hood and the process design and manufacturing capabilities of Shick Esteve will provide the pet food industry with World Class systems and support.”

Frazer-Nash’s SEH solution is designed to convey clean air to improve food safety and sanitation. The stainless-steel hood contains no gaskets or seals to minimize contamination risk.

This solution, combined with Shick Esteve’s offerings in automation, can improve production efficiency, quality control, accuracy, workplace safety and reduce labor costs.

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