EASTON, Pa. — Phillips Pet Food and Supplies has expanded its distribution of ZuPreem pet foods to the entire US. In January 2019, Phillips began distributing ZuPreem in the Southeast and Midwest regions, but has now added the brand to its Arlington, Texas and Sacramento, California, locations. On March 15, Phillips will also add ZuPreem to its Portland, Oregon and Denver distribution centers.

“ZuPreem has a long tradition of producing innovative and nutritious products for the health and longevity of animals,” said Elizabeth Thibodeau, senior vice president of merchandising and marketing services for Phillips. “Phillips is pleased to continue to expand our partnership with ZuPreem and bring these quality products to retailers across the United States.”

ZuPreem manufactures nutrition for companion birds, ferrets and other small animals, as well as zoological diets for birds, exotic animals, large cat breeds, omnivores and primates.

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