Scott Gottlieb, Commissioner of the US Food and Drug AdministrationThe US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) tweeted out a statement written by Commissioner Scott Gottlieb March 5, 2019, explaining his plans to resign from the agency in April 2019. In his resignation letter, Gottlieb cited the challenge of being apart from his family during his time with the FDA as his reason for leaving.

“It is hard for me to write this note to share with you the news that I’ll be leaving my job as the Commissioner of Food and Drugs in the next month. There’s perhaps nothing that could pull me away from this role other than the challenge of being apart from my family for these past two years and missing my wife and three young children,” Gottlieb said in the letter.

Gottlieb stated he will tie up loose ends before officially leaving the FDA, including to secure the 2020 budget and assisting the transition of new leadership. He also said he plans to work closely with Alex Azar, secretary of health and human services, and others over the next few weeks to continue advancing the agency’s public health mission.

The commissioner also reflected on the successes achieved during his time with the FDA, including “countless new policies we advanced, and laws we enforced with vigor to protect consumers.”

“I consider myself truly fortunate to have had the chance to help lead this remarkable institution,” Gottlieb stated. Gottlieb served as the FDA Commissioner for the past two years. The FDA has not yet announced who will fill the open position.

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