EASTON, Pa. — Rockster Superfood, a European dog food company, will make its US debut April 1, 2019. The brand’s full line of canned dog food will be distributed throughout the US exclusively by Phillips Pet Food & Supplies.

Canned dog foods from Rockster are formulated with certified human-grade ingredients, prebiotics and antioxidants. They are single-protein, grain- and gluten-free. As for its packaging, the cans are 100% BPA-free and fully recyclable. The cooking method for these canned pet food products is described as “gentle,” similar to a sous-vide method where food is cooked in the can at low temperatures in order to preserve nutrients and flavor, while still eliminating bacteria and the need to add preservatives to extend shelf life.

“Phillips is excited to be working with the Leys to bring the super-premium Rockster brand exclusively to our customers in the United States,” said Elizabeth Thibodeau, vice president of merchandising and marketing for Phillips. “The Rockster story and the development of this family-operated company are inspiring. The pet industry, influenced by human health and wellness trends, is seeing more health-focused products like Rockster, which is committed to transparency, traceability and the highest quality ingredients.”

In addition, Rockster’s canned pet food label discloses 100% of the ingredients, including which part of the animal was used in the case of animal-based ingredients, and in what percentage to provide transparency and traceability.

Rockster was founded in Naples, Italy by Zoe and Sven Ley after they began formulating dog food for a dying street dog they found while on their honeymoon. Learn more about the unique story behind the Rockster brand

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