EASTON, PA. — BIXBI Pet’s dog food products will be added to four Phillips Pet Food & Supplies distribution centers in Florida, South Carolina, Texas and Arizona.

The pet food producer’s premium dog food products — which boast 100% fresh meat ingredients, whole foods and the exclusion of meat meals, byproducts, soy, corn, rice and wheat — will become available in pet specialty stores in those four states.

This includes BIXBI’s original RAWBBLE line of coated and raw freeze-dried dog foods, as well as the company’s latest line, LIBERTY, which includes 100% fresh meat formulas in dry, wet and freeze-dried formats. Both lines offer digestibility rates above 90%.

“Phillips is excited to establish a partnership with the BIXBI brand and to bring the LIBERTY and RAWBBLE lines to our retail customers in our Florida, South Carolina, Texas and Arizona markets!” said Elizabeth Thibodeau, senior vice president of merchandising and supply chain for Phillips. “Today’s pet parents are looking for clean, whole food nutrition and BIXBI’s assortment provides those benefits.”

BIXBI sources all ingredients from the United States, France and New Zealand, including the protein ingredients used in its dog food formulas.

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