ATLANTA — PureLUXE Pet Foods offers a new level of ingredient transparency to pet owners. Using the date code from each individual package of pet food, pet owners can access detailed data on a per formula basis from the company’s website. The new PureLUXE Elite Series of pet food is formulated specifically for urban pets with targeted, holistic nutrition to meet the special needs of urban cats and dogs.

The PureLUXE transparency portal provides nutritional verification results that list key ingredient percentages for each specific formula and consumers can download actual third-party testing results from the company’s Salmonella testing, general lab testing, probiotic certification and others. This gives consumers on-demand information for each formula and third-party verification to support the product claims by the brand. Also available on the company’s website is a description of all ingredients which includes the country of origin for each ingredient.

Atlanta-based PureLUXE Pet Foods offers six dog foods and five cat foods based on specific life-stage, activity level or target ingredient and each taking into account what the urban pet needs in their daily diet. PureLUXE features grain free, low glycemic and non-glutenous ingredients.

The number one ingredient in PureLUXE pet food is turkey, lamb or salmon along with twice the typical amount of omega-3 fatty acids and a proprietary blend of micro-nutrients including coconut oil, cranberries, taurine, L-carnitine, pre-biotics, active pro-biotics, and kelp. These key ingredients help reduce stress and anxiety associated with indoor pets who often have limited space to run and play and are susceptible to loud noises and separation anxiety. The PureLUXE formulation is designed to support a pet’s health on a cellular level to provide sustainable energy, immune support, healthy skin and a beautiful coat.

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