MILPITAS, CALIF. — ImagoAI, a food-tech startup using artificial intelligence (AI), announced that its Galaxy for Mycotoxins Test has received Performance Tested Methods (PTM) certification from the AOAC Research Institute. The test is used to rapidly test for aflatoxins, deoxynivalenol, fumonisins and zearalenone, and received certification for use in corn. 

The AOAC Research Institute is a division of AOAC International, which seeks to help develop, improve and validate proprietary food safety testing methods. The PTM certification helps companies offer trusted, reliable testing methods and products, therefore mitigating foods risks and protecting consumers, according to AOAC Research.

ImagoAI’s Galaxy is a rapid, easy-to-use product for quantitative testing of mycotoxins. The test uses Hyperspectral imaging (HIS) and AI to analyze an image and display the results of mycotoxins in ppb or ppm in a few seconds. According to ImagoAI, the test does not need any chemicals or reagents, saving companies time and money while ensuring food safety. Galaxy can be used on various food samples.

According to ImagoAI, Galaxy offers several benefits, including enhanced speed, delivering results in less than 30 seconds; cost savings; sustainability; increased food safety; multi testing and data management. Additionally, Galaxy is specifically designed for ease of use, according to ImagoAI, requiring minimal training and expertise. 

The PTM certification makes ImagoAI’s Galaxy the world’s first eco-friendly mycotoxin test to receive such certification. It can be used in feed mills, wet mills, dry mills, ethanol plants, grain elevators, and food and pet food processing plants throughout the globe.

“This achievement marks a substantial leap forward in food safety tests, heralding a new era of rapid food safety tests,” said Abhishek Goyal and Shweta Gupta, founders of ImagoAI.

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