CINCINNATI — ProMach, a supplier of processing and packaging solutions, launched its new Pet Care Solutions group on April 2. The new business will offer an extensive portfolio of process, filling and systems integration solutions for the pet industry.

ProMach’s Pet Care Solutions group will be supported by industry experts from various product brands. According to ProMach, the new division is strategically positioned to solve the unique challenges of producing and packaging pet foods, including wet and kibble formats and treats, to help ensure freshness, taste and shelf stability. 

“ProMach continues to invest in a number of targeted markets in an effort to offer our customers more complete solutions,” said Scott Smith, senior vice president of strategic marketing and business development. “Our strategic investments in these markets are a mix of new and innovative solutions, as well as acquisitions that fill gaps in our product portfolio. For us, pet food is one of those targeted market segments, and we are thrilled to launch our ProMach Pet Care Solutions team.” 

The Pet Care Solutions group will provide standalone systems to fully integrated lines, including retort, cooking, sterilizing, filling, canning, labeling, coding, case packing, cartoning and palletizing for any type of pet packaging. 

The new group is set to advance ProMach’s position as a global leader in canning solutions, building upon its solutions offered through Zacmi, a provider of can filling and seaming; Allpax, a leader in retort technologies; and Sentry, a provider of can handling and conveyance systems. 

ProMach’s Pet Care Solutions division will be led by Jason Beard, vice president of sales for Matrix, another ProMach product brand that specializes in vertical form fill and seal systems. 

“ProMach’s dedicated team of product brands for this market provides vast industry knowledge and best-in-class solutions to companies involved in the production of pet care products,” Beard said. “We’ve streamlined customer interaction to provide focused solutions which are central to those companies in the pet care space. It is an extremely efficient and cost-effective way for our clients to build new production lines or improve throughput on existing lines.”

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