COVINGTON, LA. — On Feb. 15, Allpax, a brand owned by ProMach, hosted an open house for its employees and their families at its one-year-old manufacturing center. More than 150 people attended the catered event inside the 86,000-square-foot facility. The facility houses Allpax’s manufacturing, engineering and business offices.

Attendees had a unique view of an automated batch retort system while employees explained the entire package handling and food sterilization processes.

“It was wonderful to see so many children in our facility and to meet new people,” said Eric Hanrahan, vice president and general manager, Allpax. “It gave parents the opportunity to share where they work in the building and what their responsibilities are.”

The facility, finalized in July 2021, is located just a few miles from the brand’s old facility to lessen the disruption of employees’ commutes. The facility was built and designed with suggestions from each employee to improve operations and employee satisfaction.

Within the new facility, Allpax provides batch sterilization technology to prepare shelf-stable foods packaged in metal, glass, pouches, trays and bowls. The brand also develops equipment for processing refrigerator-case foods.

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