CAMBRIDGE, ONTARIO — Stampede Culinary Partners, Inc., a North American provider of value-added, sous-vide solutions, announced April 9 it has expanded its North facility with the addition of sous-vide technology, allowing it to offer high-quality cooked protein products in Canada. The new sous-vide capabilities will be used for meat production, including beef, poultry and pork, and for prepared meals, alternative and vegan proteins, and premium pet food products. 

According to Stampede Culinary Partners, the addition of a sous-vide oven represents a “major” international milestone for the company, as it will allow the company to serve its Canadian customers more quickly and efficiently. 

“This oven capacity will be a game changer for Stampede Culinary Partners,” said Brock Furlong, president and chief executive officer of Stampede Culinary Partners. “Having sous-vide capabilities in Canada has been critical since we expanded north of the border, and the team is thrilled to see what new opportunities arise.”

Stampede Culinary Partners specifically leverages sous-vide technology to accurately prepare each product to the desired degree, offering food safety and taste benefits. According to the company, sous-vide solutions translate well for ready-to-eat human meals, for which demand has increased. Additionally, sous-vide pet foods have witnessed increases in demand as pet parents seek more minimally processed diets.  

“We are excited to have been able to add sous-vide to our list of capabilities here in Canada,” said Jim Carnahan, general manager of Stampede Culinary Partners in Canada. “Sous-vide is the future, and we are equipped to continue leading the charge.”

Stampede Culinary Partners’ expansion in Canada comes on the heels of other facility expansions throughout North America. Last year, the company expanded its facility in Georgia, and has plans to expand its location in New Mexico, adding additional ovens, later this year. According to the company, these three expansions will increase its cook capacity by 170 million lbs, annually. 

Through these expansions, Stampede Culinary Partners aims to standardize its processes, ensuring high-quality at each location. This standardization also extends to all areas of the company to maintain stringent quality control standards throughout its entire North American network. 

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