BUCKINGHAMSHIRE, UNITED KINGDOM — Hydropac, a supplier of temperature-controlled packaging solutions for the food and beverage, retail, pharmaceutical and healthcare industries, recently introduced its latest innovation tailored to the pet food industry.

The company now offers ice pack sealing technology aimed to help processors and transporters of fresh or frozen pet food products ensure product remains cold through transportation in an effort to ensure both nutritional efficacy and food safety.

Hydropac offers a suite of sealing technologies, including for its EasiFreeze ice packs, that are suited for a variety of packaging formats to support consistent temperature control along the supply chain, according to the company.

With fresh and frozen pet food formats on the rise, safeguarding the integrity of the cold chain is poised to benefit industry stakeholders at every level, from processors to distributors to pet owners.

“Our innovation in ice pack sealing technology is designed to address the specific challenges faced by the many industries that rely on quality and efficient cold chain transportation,” said Cat Mitton, customer experience manager at Hydropac. “With pet owners increasingly prioritizing the health and wellbeing of their furry companions, it’s crucial for the pet food industry to uphold stringent standards in product safety and quality assurance, and this includes transportation and packaging.”

The company’s ice pack solutions leverage two layers of material sealed together on all four sides to create several pockets throughout each ice pack. According to Hydropac, this approach offers “enhanced insulation, extended cooling duration and improved leak resistance.”

Hydropac’s ice pack solutions are designed to hold up during long-distance transportation, supporting extended shelf life and protecting pet food products against spoilage caused by in-transit temperature fluctuations, the company shared.

“We aim to set a new standard for reliability, quality and efficiency in pet food cold chain logistics,” Mitton added.

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