JANESVILLE, WIS. — NaturPak, a leader in Tetra Recart packaging, recently combined its two divisions — NaturPak Pet and IPM Foods — to become a singular business. In addition to this, NaturPak has redesigned its website and freshened its identity. 

Through the combination of NaturPak Pet and IPM Foods, NaturPak will remain focused on its essential pillars of business: co-manufacturing, co-packing, research and development, and Tetra Recart. According to the company, current and future customers will now benefit from a more robust NaturPak that will offer methods to improve and advance new products, as well as sourcing, formulation, and fulfillment and storage solutions.

“United, we are stronger, which means we can offer our partner brands and retailers a better, more desirable suite of services for human and pet nutrition which continues to be paired with the exceptional value they have come to expect, and have always enjoyed, from both divisions,” said Aaron Jackson, chief executive officer at NaturPak.

“Now more than ever, we really want to be known as a service-based business, one which seamlessly blends with our partners’ teams, not only to create, but to improve their product, so our partners always provide an extraordinary consumer experience,” he added. “NaturPak will assist you every step of the way.”

According to the company, uniting these businesses will allow NaturPak to hone its focus on quickly and easily delivering the best tasting food made with the highest quality ingredients in the most sustainable packaging for every customer. The merger and rebrand also allows the company to invest back into its operations, expanding with additional equipment that has increased its capacity and advanced its research and development capabilities.

“We are nature’s package,” Jackson said. “As Tetra Recart thrives and becomes stronger, so does the environment, and so does food quality. Right now, we are better prepared than ever to lead our clients into a more flavorful future which not only meets, but goes beyond consumer expectations, with each and every recipe and in each and every carton.”

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