CHRÁŠŤANY, CZECH REPUBLIC — VAFO Group announced Jan. 31 the successful acquisition of Dagsmark Petfood, a Finnish producer of wet dog and cat food products. According to the company, the transaction firmly establishes VAFO Group as a leader in the Nordic pet nutrition space.

The acquisition will benefit VAFO’s subsidiary Prima Pet Premium, which currently operates a dry pet food manufacturing plant in Finland. The new Finnish facility was officially opened in 2023 and represented a €20 million ($21.5 million USD) investment by VAFO Group.

“This is a strategic move for the VAFO group and especially for Prima Pet Premium, the producer of the best-selling pet food in the local market, Hau-Hau Champion,” said Timo Pärssinen, chief executive officer of Prima Pet Premium. “Together with the wet food production of Dagsmark, we will strengthen our position, but it also creates opportunities to expand into other Nordic markets.”

Dagsmark Petfood currently operates a wet pet food production facility in Mellilä, Finland, which is included in the acquisition. VAFO Group will maintain current operations and workforces there, and existing products manufactured by Dagsmark will remain unchanged.

The two companies will also collaborate to optimize the use of local ingredients in both dry and wet pet food formulations, as well as its dog and cat treats.

“Our commitment to locally sourcing and crafting premium pet food for regional markets is a fundamental pillar of VAFO’s sustainable strategy, differentiating us significantly from our global competitors,” said Petr Kříž, head of M&A at VAFO Group and recently appointed chairman of the board for Dagsmark. “In this context, Dagsmark, with its expertise in wet food production, aligns perfectly with our vision.”

According to VAFO Group, the addition of Dagsmark Petfood will complement its current offerings in the Finnish pet food marketplace and expand its wet pet food production capabilities.

“This is a very good thing for us,” added Riikka Koskenohi, CEO of Dagsmark Petfood. “With a new owner, we gain additional resources, expertise, and the opportunity to invest more in development”.

The move follows several recent developments at VAFO Group aimed at expanding the company’s product portfolio, capacity, and presence in the European pet market. Read more about recent VAFO Group news here.

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