NEWTON, KAN. — Bunting announced that the Process Equipment Manufacturers’ Association’s (PEMA) nominating committee has selected its Chief Executive Officer Robert Bunting to serve as interim treasurer. The PEMA’s board of directors unanimously approved the nomination.

Robert Bunting will serve as the association’s treasurer until March 1, during which he will also maintain fiduciary duties at the association as a member of the board. He has also been nominated for the position of vice president, of which will be voted upon by PEMA’s members on March 1.

Robert Bunting has held many previous positions at PEMA, aiming to actively support the equipment manufacturing industry. He also currently serves as CEO and president of Bunting.

Founded in 1959, Bunting is a designer and manufacturer of magnetic separators, metal detectors, materials handling, magnetic printing cylinders, magnets, magnet assemblies and magnetizing equipment. It operates multiple locations throughout the globe, from the United States to the United Kingdom to China.

Formed in 1960, PEMA aims to bring together equipment manufacturers and suppliers in various processing industries, including food, chemical, pharmaceutical, wastewater treatment, agribusiness, metals, plastics, wood, pulp and paper, environmental and many more. The association is focused on creating connections, offering member interaction, business expansion, industry knowledge and professional collaboration.

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