NEWTON, KAN. — During PACK EXPO from Oct. 23 to 26, Bunting Magnetics unveiled its new Bunting Metal Detector and Checkweigher Combo. The equipment offers complete integration of two processes and can be used for nutraceutical, pharmaceutical, food and pet food packaging.

According to Bunting, metal detection and weighing are imperative to the packaging process of various products. Usually, manufacturers operate two separate systems for these processes, which can decrease efficiency. Using a combination unit with a common interface eliminates the need for separate equipment and separate controls, according to Bunting.

“We have seen the need for this product in the industry for many years,” said Barry Voorhees, product manager of metal detection at Bunting. “We have been in development on it over the last couple of years once we determined we had the best technology for the market.”

Using a conveyor, Bunting’s Metal Detector and Checkweigher Combo first inspects packaging for metal. If metal is detected, the package is automatically rejected by being pushed out of the system without pausing or slowing down the entire line. Packages free of metal continue along the conveyor and are checked for accurate weight. If the weight or package is under or over the programmed weight, the package is rejected and pushed out of the system and into a bin, while correctly weighted packages continue on.

The Metal Detector and Checkweigher Combo features:

  • A fully integrated metal detector and weigh cell
  • A 15.6-in touch screen that easily controls all operations
  • A 07 CI coil that optimizes performance
  • A capacity of up to 250 ppm
  • Three conveyor belt width options: 150 mm, 250 mm and 350 mm
  • IP 65 overall with the option for IP 69K
  • Full password protection
  • Various product reject options, including air blast, pusher arm and more

The new systems uses electromagnetic force restoration (EMFR) technology, instead of traditional strain gauges, enabling higher repeatability and part rates to improve accuracy and ensure product quality.

“We have a committed focus on product inspection,” Voorhees said. “We have been in magnets and metal detection for decades and we have felt for some time it makes sense to integrate multiple inspection devices into one easy-to-use product.”

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