HOPKINS, MINN. — Xchanger’s AA Series of heat exchangers aims to help processors reduce moisture in pneumatically conveyed pet foods and ingredients.

Materials conveyed with hot air from a pressure blower can become heated, causing the material to “sweat” as the initial moisture content evaporates. Once these materials are transferred to storage, condensation forms and can result in caking, clumping and even the formation of mold and mildew — potentially harming the quality of the pet food and ingredients.

To solve this problem, Xchanger introduced its heat exchangers, which cool the conveying air, eliminating the cycle of evaporation and condensation. Cooling the air is also more practical and less costly, according to the company, compared to installing dehumidification equipment.

According to Xchanger, its heat exchangers are easy to install and offer a more efficient and reliable way to prevent product from heating during pressure conveying. The heat exchangers use aluminum plate-fin cores with alternating finned flow channels, specifically designed to cool the conveying air close to ambient temperatures. Xchanger’s line of heat exchangers include model TEFC 230/460 VAC, a 3-phase motor and a heavy-duty cooling fan, with alternate motors available upon request.

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