HRS Heat Exchangers is offering its R Series and Unicus scraped surface heat exchangers (SSHEs) as a pet food processing solution, applicable for meat slurries, jellies and gravies prior to processing, as well as for heating or cooling soft animal protein ingredients.

These solutions are designed to increase processing efficiency, maintain product integrity and protect difficult-to-handle ingredients from potential damage during processing.

The viscosity of these ingredients requires careful handling. HRS’s R Series SSHEs address this with a patent rotary scraper bar design, which can reach up to 300 rpm. The solution provides for high shear and mixing levels and can simultaneously increase heat transfer rates for difficult-to-handle ingredients.

This scraper bar features a helical mixing spiral and a series of scraper blades, which facilitate a continuous scraping action to reduce fouling. The system allows product to be pumped using reduced back pressure and lower energy use.

The R Series overall is designed to have a smaller footprint than similar heat exchangers to provide added operational efficiency.

In addition, HRS offers a Unicus Series SSHE for products with high fouling potential or those that require delicate handling. The series includes systems with a variety of scraper designs and applications, from cooling to sterilizing.

Unicus Series systems use hydraulically powered movements to minimize potential fouling, keep tubes clean and create turbulence throughout the material, which in turn increases heat transfer rates. These hydraulic actions also allow the operator to control the processing speed depending on the product.

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