CHICAGO — Farm to Pet, a producer of premium dog treats, introduced a slew of treats to help pet parents celebrate the holidays with their four-legged companions. The dehydrated treats are single-ingredient, made from human-grade, farm-fresh turkey or chicken breast.

According to Farm to Pet, pet owners are seeking more ways to include their pets in holiday celebrations, including by giving them special gifts and holiday-themed treats.

Farm to Pet's new Turkey Feast pet treat chipsSource: Farm to Pet Treats

Similar to its other premium nutritional offerings, Farm to Pet’s new holiday treats are made in the United States. The single-ingredient treats are dehydrated and contain no “unhealthy” byproducts, binders, fillers, additives or preservatives.

The Turkey Feast and Chicken treats come in a chip form, made to offer a healthier treating alternative to turkey leftovers. The chip treats are available in three sizes: 6-treat, 4-oz and 12-oz bags. Additionally, after Thanksgiving, the treats will be available in holiday-themed packaging to serve as a gift for dogs.

“People are becoming more health conscious about the food they eat, and so we wanted to provide a dog snack that will appeal to conscientious people who care about their dogs as much as other family members,” said Jackson Jones, founder of Farm to Pet. “Our dogs deserve only the best treats. The Farm to Pet approach is simple and straightforward — we emphasize quality and healthfulness above all else. And dogs love them. Our customers appreciate how easy it is to reward their dog with this snappy, crunchy, treat.”

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