KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA — Veolia Bioconversion Malaysia Sdn Bhd announced Oct. 13 it has received TRACES approval for its Entomeal™ and Entolipid insect-based ingredients from the Ministry of Agriculture in Malaysia. The approval means Veolia can now export the ingredients to pet food, aquaculture and livestock nutrition manufacturers in European markets.

Entomeal is Veolia’s insect meal ingredient and Entolipid is an insect-derived oil, both of which are produced in adherence with European Union industrial standards and are compliant with EU regulations for animal feed, according to Veolia.

The TRACES approval confirms the ingredients’ traceability and food safety throughout the entire manufacturing process.

“There is an increasing requirement for sustainable and functional ingredients in the pet food and the aqua feed industry,” said Fabrice Latchoumanin, general manager at Veolia Bioconversion Malaysia. “Insect-based feed offers many benefits for these applications such as high digestibility and nutritious feed source. We are thrilled to provide a sustainable alternative source of protein to the European market.”

Entomeal and Entolipid are produced from black soldier fly larvae (BSFL) through a bioconversion process, through which all byproducts are repurposed for use in agriculture, the creation of green energy, and animal nutrition. The sustainable process adds value to organic waste, contributes to decarbonization, and lends itself to water, energy and land savings compared to the production of traditional proteins for use in animal nutrition.

According to Veolia, the company operates one of the largest industrial insect processing facilities across Asia. The facility is ISO 22000, GMP and HAACP certified and holds the capacity to produce 3,000 tons of insect-based ingredients and fertilizers annually.

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