AUBURN, KY. — Champion Petfoods on July 26 announced the official launch of its wet cat food line, ACANA PREMIUM PÂTÉ™. The formulas home in on the natural diet of felines, which prey on smaller animals and get most of their hydration through their food.

The line features 3- and 5.5-oz cans in six recipes: Chicken and Fish Recipe; Beef, Chicken and Tuna Recipe; Lamb and Lamb Liver Recipe; Salmon and Chicken Recipe; Tuna and Chicken Recipe; and a Chicken and Tuna Recipe for kittens.

According to Champion, one 5.5-oz can of this wet food can provide a cat with half of its daily water requirement.

ACANA PREMIUM PÂTÉ formulas include high-quality proteins, bone broth and salmon oil. The chicken formulas provide Omega 3 to support skin and coat health, while the majority of recipes in the line deliver Omega 3 through fish and fish oil ingredients. Bone broth was added to aid in hydration and flavor, and fresh or raw animal ingredients — including land animal meats, fish and eggs — provide nourishing sources of protein, according to the company.

The new formulas build upon Champion’s other wet cat food line under its ORIJEN brand.

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