Among the many hot topics in the industry, supply chain issues continue to plague pet food and treat manufacturers. The COVID-19 pandemic laid bare a volatile supply chain environment fraught with regulatory woes, workforce shortages, ingredient supply issues and much more, making it difficult for processors to meet growing demand.

In this episode of More Than Kibble, Pet Food Processing Digital Media Editor Jordan Tyler speaks with Dana Peirson, partner and supply chain expert at The Partnering Group, about the industry’s most pressing supply chain challenges — from ingredient procurement and labor retention to transportation and distribution issues — and how to overcome them.

“Historically, we saw very siloed supply chains that didn’t really mesh together,” Peirson explained. “Suppliers would just ship something over the wall, manufacturers would take it, and they would then ship to their DCs [distribution centers] or customers…. I don’t think, with the way supply chains are headed, we can afford to act that way anymore. We have to be more integrated with our supply chains from end to end.”

Listen now in the embedded player above, or wherever you listen to podcasts.


Show notes

0:43 Introducing Dana Peirson

1:22 What are the most pressing supply chain issues?

2:23 Tackling ingredient procurement issues

5:28 Retaining talent

8:38 Bolstering transportation and distribution

12:27 Looking to the future of the pet food supply chain

14:56 How The Partnering Group can support processors


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