MENOMONEE FALLS, WIS. — Glenroy® Inc., a provider of sustainable, flexible packaging services, recently invested in new equipment to better serve its customers in the pet food and treat industry, among others. The company has purchased the world’s fastest and most accurate flexographic plate mounting equipment, according to Glenroy.

The state-of-the-art technology, called Automatic SAMM 2.0, boasts an improved material loading system, offering quick changeover capabilities to save time. The mounting machine also minimizes inaccuracies and helps reduce downtime between separate jobs, enabling Glenroy to further meet the demand of its customers.

“The new plate mounting equipment has enabled operators to work autonomously and productively, finding long-term value in the machine due to quicker training times and a simplified daily procedure,” said Don Rahn, plate mounter from Glenroy.

The company also invested in a new demounter, allowing for safe plate and tape removal. The new demounter boasts ergonomic and user-friendly benefits, helping to improve plate mounting accuracy and increasing overall production.

The new equipment comes with advanced safety features, like emergency stops and anti-jam sensors that can detect potential issues before they become significant problems, increasing the safety of its workers and ensuring accuracy.

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