HOLZMINDEN, GERMANY — Symrise has received recognition from the German Society for Sustainability (DQS) for its commitment to biodiversity. The ingredient supplier has received DQS’s Sustainability Heroes Award within the Biodiversity category.

Since 2015, the DQS strives to recognize companies for their sustainability efforts within six different categories. This year, DQS received 60 nominees for the awards. This is Symrise’s third consecutive year winning the award. In previous years, the company has been recognized for its sustainability strategy.

“We feel proud that after receiving the award for our sustainability strategy and social commitment last year, we are now also being honored with an award for our biodiversity conservation program,” said Bernhard Kott, chief sustainability officer at Symrise.

According to DQS’s expert jury, Symrise was recognized for its “comprehensive agenda, clear goals, effective organizational structures and development projects.”

“To achieve its ambitious biodiversity goals, Symrise is working consistently with stakeholders from business, science and society to transform supply chains into ecologically and socially compatible value creation networks that protect biodiversity, use it sustainably and allow local communities in the regions of origin of the raw materials to share fairly in the company’s success,” DQS’s jury said.

Symrise has implemented various sustainability initiatives, including its Sustainable Agricultural Supply Chain Initiative (INA), to lessen its environmental impact. In 2019, the company committed itself to the National Action Plan for Business and Human Rights (NAP), an alliance consisting of 33 companies and organizations helping to advance human rights throughout supply chains.

To ensure its human rights, health, safety and environmental business practices throughout its supply chain, Symrise established a Code of Conduct, which all its suppliers must follow.

“We rely on transparency and traceability to gain full control along the value chain,” said Helmut Friede, corporate sustainability at Symrise.

The company has also established Symrise Artisan programs, which focus on advancing the cultivation of more sustainable raw materials throughout various countries, including Egypt. Symrise also fosters learning partnerships between itself, farmers, suppliers and its customers.

“Symrise wants all stakeholders involved in the value creation process to participate appropriately in the company’s success,” Kott said. “Our first goal is to make activities in agriculture attractive again.”

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