LUTZ, Fla. — Mettler Toledo, a supplier of product inspection equipment, has released the X34 X-ray inspection system for detecting small contaminants, as well as its CM33 CombiChecker, an in-line checkweighing and metal detector solution.

Mettler’s X34 X-ray inspection system can detect metal, glass, high-density plastic, mineral stone and calcified bone fragments.

The single-lane system is applicable for a variety of small and medium-sized packages. It features a 100-watt power generator to maximize the detection sensitivity, as well as a 0.4-mm detector designed to spot very small contaminants.

The system features optimized contrast levels for enhanced detection performance. This allows the machine to offer processors power savings because it does not need to run at full voltage to achieve optimal results.

“The X34 provides a combination of technologies which enables producers to detect smaller contaminants reliably at high throughputs, ensuring product safety and delivering brand protection,” said Mike Pipe, product inspection specialist for Mettler Toledo.

Mettler Toledo X34 X-Ray systemThe system also comes with Mettler Toledo’s advanced ContamPlus inspection software to enhance detection capabilities and help manufactures achieve a zero false rejection rate.

The X34 X-ray system can be enhanced with ProdX, an advanced data management tool that stores images of foreign contaminants to be viewed remotely and features a highly responsive touchscreen to access multiple angles of stored images without compromising image consistency.

The X34 can operate in high ambient temperature environments and includes automation for time and cost-effectiveness.

“Automated product set-up removes the possibility of operator error and makes the X34 easier to use,” Pipe said. “New products only need to be passed once through the system for the power to be optimized and the fully intuitive software requires minimal passes to automatically set the contamination inspection tools. This reduces operator training, increases production uptime and ensures product safety.”

Mettler Toledo’s CM33 CombiChecker integrates two process solutions: checkweighing and metal detection. Additionally, the system can be customized to specific requirements and new package parameters are automatically adapted during product changeovers.

Manufacturers can select from options to ensure safe and secure product handling, including conveyors, guide rails, transfer plates, dual locking reject bins and other rejector types.

The CM33 CombiChecker can inspect metal contaminants as well as out-of-tolerance weights. The system is designed to comply with stringent global machinery safety standards.

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