VASTERAS, SWEDEN — On Sept. 13, Quintus Technologies launched its new high pressure processing (HPP) system to help medium- to large-sized food, beverage and pet food processors meet their productivity needs. The new QIF 400L HPP system can maximize load capacity and throughput within a compact footprint.

The QIF 400L features a capacity of 4,000 to 7,000 lbs per hour with one of the largest vessel diameters in the industry, according to Quintus, at 18.5 in. The system also features a compact footprint of 700 square feet and fewer moving parts compared to other HPP systems to reduce wear and tear and allow for streamlined installation.

According to Quintus, the system can increase versatility, lower production costs and support robust operations.

“With its 18.5-in. diameter vessel, the QIF 400L represents a potential capacity increase of nearly 25% per load over 15-in. diameter vessels,” said Ed Williams, general manager Quintus Technologies Americas. “This significant increase provides greater flexibility to accommodate large or bulk packaging, which is especially key for manufacturers who distribute through mass or wholesale merchandising channels. This in turn reduces labor costs, packaging expense and the cost to produce per kilo, pound or liter.”

The QIF 400L also includes algorithm-based software that monitors the conditions of the system, reducing the risk of unplanned stops.

Quintus’ new equipment builds upon its HPP lineup, expanding the line to include two innovative systems, and follows the launch of its QIF 150L in Sept. 2021, which is ideal for entry-level to mid-size productions. The QIF HPP system incorporates smart features, including frequency-controlled motor drives, cloud-based management software and access to maintenance and inspection components. These smart features also help conserve energy consumption.

“These high-performing solutions reflect the company’s leadership role in high pressure for nearly three-quarters of a century,” Williams said.

According to Quintus, the wire wound vessel design is considered to be one of the safest, most durable and most reliable pressure containment systems.

The company’s HPP systems come included with Quintus® Care, a customized service solution that can help ensure equipment reliability, performance and longevity. The company also offers application support, in which experts help processors with HPP development, product formulations, packaging, pathogen validation, shelf-life studies and assistance with HACCCP and other regulatory implementation.

“As the originator of HPP technology, we are proud to help the food industry address global sustainability challenges such as food waste, product recalls, and related foodborne illnesses,” said Jan Söderström, president and chief executive officer of Quintus Technologies. “With the addition of the scalable QIF 400L, we now have a gamut of state-of-the-art, high-performance press models that give processors of all sizes a competitive edge.”

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