COVINGTON, LA. — ProMach’s brand Allpax has introduced a new robotic sweep loader/unloader for automated batch retort systems. The loader offers high-speed sweep-style loading and unloading for canned products.

Allpax’s robotic sweep loader has a throughput of up to 2,000 units per minute per loader and unloader cells. According to the company, the robotic sweep-style loader provides greater flexibility in automated batch retort systems.

Allpax's robotic sweep-style loader/unloaderAt the loading cell, one robot sweeps cans into a basket, right, while second arm places a slip sheet between layers.

Leveraging advanced technology, a robot sweeps cans into a basket at the loading cells, while another robot places a slip sheet between different layers. The unloader cell then reverses the process by having a robot sweep cans out of a basket while another robot removes the slip sheet. The robots can also facilitate automatic changeovers between different can sizes to help save time and labor compared to standard, non-robotic sweep loaders.

According to Allpax, the robotic sweep loader/unloader can help reduce stress on a loading system, therefore ensuring longevity. The individual robots can be redeployed when systems are upgraded or decommissioned, increasing flexibility.

Aside from its new robotic sweep loader/unloader for cans, Allpax also offers robotic systems capable of handling pouches, bowls and cartons.

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