WITCHITA, KAN. — Premium pet food company Canidae has formed a partnership with GREENFIELD INCORPORATED, a company that offers robots-as-a-service to farmers. GREENFIELD will supply Canidae with regeneratively farmed sorghum grain for use in its pet food formulations.

GREENFIELD leverages robotics to farm ingredients and will use its F2F©, FLEET-TO-FARM BOTony™ solution in its partnership with Canidae. GREENFIELD’s BOTony uses a mechanical method to reduce the need for broadleaf herbicides within broadacre farms. Current weed control methods often depend on the use of herbicides, which can prevent the scaling of regenerative agriculture, according to GREENFIELD. The company’s BOTony robot offers an alternative, leveraging technology to eliminate weeds.

The partnership is GREENFIELD’s first CPG collaboration, though the company has previously worked with Canidae, focusing on regenerative farming as part of Canidae’s Cycle of Goodness initiative.

Clint Brauer, chief executive officer of GREENFIELDClint Brauer, chief executive officer of GREENFIELD. (Source: Canidae)

“I have personally worked with Canidae since 2015 to build a regenerative grain and legume supply chain, and we’re proud to formally partner together to reduce and eventually eliminate farm chemicals from their ingredients,” said Clint Brauer, chief executive officer of GREENFIELD. “We look forward to collaborating with more CPG brands as we work toward completely eliminating chemicals in pet and human food.”

Also, as part of the collaboration, Canidae will become one of the first companies to use GREENFIELD’s Grassbot™, which is undergoing development. Grassbot will completely eliminate the need for herbicides in no-till broadacre farms used for food production.

“From our sustainably produced, nutritionally dense food to our environmentally friendly packaging, Canidae is proud to continue its 25-year-long commitment to providing America with dog and cat food that is good for both pets and the planet,” said Dana Paris, chief marketing officer at Canidae.

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