EAST LONGVIEWMEADOW, MASS. — On Aug. 1, W.F. Young announced the celebration of its 130th anniversary. To celebrate the significant milestone, the company has unveiled new branding.

Since its founding, W.F. Young has remained dedicated to creating innovative pet and equine health and wellness products, including brands such as Absorbine® and The Missing Link®. During the last 30 years, the company has developed more than 25 new products, like Smartmouth® and Silver Honey®, and completed several acquisitions.

Over the last 30 years of growth, Jamie McKinley has served as president of the company.

“I, along with the rest of the W.F. Young team, am unbelievably proud to reach this incredible milestone,” McKinley said. “Reaching 130 years is a testament to our innovative spirit, as well as evidence that this company has always put its heart and soul into giving pets and horses, and their owners, the absolute best care. We cannot wait to open the next chapter and continue to build on a legacy that has already done so much good for animals everywhere.”

For W.F. Young, the last two years have allowed the company to flourish, as its pet care business grew more than 25%. The company also expanded through collaborations with distributor Pet Food Experts and consultant BSM Partners, widening its product scope. With these new partnerships, W.F. Young expects the growth to continue with plans to launch new products and a refocus on its sustainability goals.

In conjunction with the anniversary, W.F. Young has launched a company-wide rebranding with a new logo, color scheme and imagery. The logo features a horse and dog supported by human hands to emphasize its growing position in the pet care industry and its commitment to equine wellness.

W.F. Young's new logo, celebrating its 130th year in business

“The color, imagery and design are all intentional in reflecting our compassion for animal health and wellness, as well as reinforcing our rich history and promising future,” McKinley said. “Pet parents have trusted us for generations, and our new branding pays tribute to the innovative animal care solutions we will continue to provide for years to come.”

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