MONROE, WASH. — Doggy Delirious®, owned by Wet Noses® Natural Dog Treat Company, announced its official rebrand and launched two new treat flavors on Jan. 19. According to the company, the rebranding includes a new logo, product packaging, brand mascot and website with a focus on the human-grade factor of its dog food and treats.

“All Doggy Delirious products are 100% human-grade, certified non-GMO, free from preservatives, free from animal byproducts, recyclable, and made with natural, simple ingredients in the United States,” said Johnni Rodgers, chief executive officer for Wet Noses Natural Dog Treat Company. “This combination of attributes is a culmination of what many pet parents are looking for today. As we expand our distribution to retailers nationwide, we refreshed our branding and packaging to highlight the reasons Doggy Delirious should be a top choice for consumers looking for treats they can feel good about feeding their dogs. “

According to the company, the rebranding was necessary upon the release of the 2020 American Pet Products Association (APPA) State of the Industry Report. APPA’s report revealed that 50% of pet owners preferred products that showed a commitment towards humanization, premiumization and sustainability.

“As humanization evolves and expands, our vision was to bring to life a treat brand that appeals to humans for their pet companions,” Rodgers said. “We took design references and cues from the human snack aisle to drive taste appeal and fun, along with nutrition reinforcement, to create the closest thing to a snack pet parents would want to buy for themselves.”

To help with the rebrand, Doggy Delirious partnered with Team Creatif USA to create illustrations and the brand’s new mascot, and CMO Graphics Inc. to bring the mascot to life across the brand’s packaging and website.

Along with a new look, the company also focused on expanding internally by hiring Wilson Cluney as vice president of business development, Bill Akers as sales director, and new brokers.

Doggy Delirious's new treatsDoggy Delirious’s new treat flavors BBQ Maple Bacon (left) and Smokey Turkey & Apple (right) feature simple ingredients. (Source: Doggy Delirious)

Doggy Delirious’s rebranding and expansion also includes the release of two new biscuit flavors: BBQ Maple Bacon and Smokey Turkey & Apple. All treats, including the new flavors, are produced in a human-grade, Safe Quality Foods (SQF) facility in the United States, certified non-GMO and formulated with fruit and vegetable purees, rye flour, canola oil and cane molasses. The treats are also formulated without preservatives, chemicals or animal byproducts.

Doggy Delirious treats are available in 16-oz packages on the company’s website and Amazon.

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