DELFT, NETHERLANDS — Veramaris, a joint venture of Evonik and DSM producing Omega 3-rich algal oils for pet nutrition and aquaculture, recently appointed Jean-François Laudouze as global business development manager for Veramaris Pets’ Companion Animals division.

“We are delighted to add Jean-François Laudouze to our global pet team,” said Jeff Alix, head of global business development for Veramaris Pets’ Companion Animals division. “He brings a broad range of knowledge and experience regarding the dynamic pet food value chain, especially in Europe. A very welcome team member.”

The company released its first commercially available sustainable algal oil for pets in July 2020, starting first with the United States and Canada before expanding to global distribution. The addition of Laudouze is expected to strengthen its position in the European pet food market.

“Sustainability is increasingly a key driver for purchasing decisions in the pet food market and Veramaris Pets offers not just a sustainable solution but also enables pet food companies to deliver a nutritious and healthy product with high levels of both EPA & DHA Omega-3,” said Karim Kurmaly, chief executive officer at Veramaris. “Pet ownership has increased significantly since the pandemic which has led to a huge demand for pet food. Europe is a key growth market and Jean-François will play an important role in communicating the benefits of an algae-based source of Omega-3 to responsible pet food brands.”

Laudouze previously served as sales director for Diana Pet Food’s EMEA division, which provides value-added ingredient solutions to the pet industry.

“It’s a pivotal time for Veramaris and its pets business,” Laudouze commented. “I believe there is huge long-term potential for Veramaris to grow within the European pet food industry. I am delighted to be joining a team with very ambitious plans.”

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