SOMERSET, N.J. — Gericke USA has rolled out its new GUC-F Universal Feeder Controller, designed to streamline powder processing for food, chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries.

The Universal Feeder Controller is an automatic solution that controls weighing, dosing and feeding from up to four different feeders at the same time. This solution eliminates the need for multiple controllers per feeder.

The system is applicable in gravimetric and volumetric feeding applications, and can be set up to manage both batch and continuous processes at the same time from a central HMI [human-machine interface]. Operators can access, monitor and adjust the system on-site or remotely.

Gericke has designed the system for quick and easy installation. The company can also customize a Universal Feeder Controller for specific control actuators, sensors or auxiliary machinery.

The Universal Feeder Controller can be fully integrated with existing automation networks, supports IoT functions, and supports large data acquisition and analysis, Gericke reported.

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