SOMERSET, NJ. — Gericke USA is offering its Feedos® S bulk material feeder for automatic metering and dosing of powders and other dry raw materials for a range of applications, including food, dairy, chemical, pharmaceutical and others. The Feedos S solution features a proprietary design to optimize accuracy and consistency, particularly for continuous processes.

The Feedos S was designed to remove “dead zones” and facilitate an uninterrupted flow of materials, as well as limit errors, clogs, and human intervention in the system.

The solution offers continuous material flow to mixers, blenders, compounders, reactors and other downstream processes at a speed of up to 500 liters per hour. For some applications, throughput rates could be as high as 54,000 liters per hour, according to Gericke.

The company designed the Feedos S for flexibility when it comes to recipe changes and disassembly for cleaning. The solution comes in three models — standard, hygienic and pharmaceutical — and testing is available at Gericke’s laboratory in New Jersey.

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