FORT COLLINS, COLO. — PetDine, a pet supplement co-manufacturer based in Colorado, announced Sept. 1 it has become a member of the Upcycled Food Association (UFA) to offer certified upcycled food ingredients for its customers’ formulations.

The co-manufacturer will now be able to assist its customers in achieving upcycled certifications to support their sustainable goals, as well as PetDine’s own environmental initiatives.

“PetDine foresees the importance and demand for upcycled products outpacing other categories, such as organic and natural, because the use of upcycled ingredients has an immediate positive impact on the world’s food system,” said Preston Munsch, chief executive officer at PetDine. “Upcycled foods are value-added products that consumers want. PetDine is equipped to help clients achieve upcycled certification, which provides them even greater pet product development opportunities for a consumer base calling for brands to be more sustainably responsible.”

Reducing food waste has long been a tenet of the pet food and treat manufacturing industry through the use of rendered animal ingredients. Today, more and more brands are taking this to the next level by incorporating food ingredients that would otherwise be thrown away or wasted — such as fruits and vegetables — into their formulations.

Additionally, the reduction of food waste is considered a high-potential sustainable solution against climate change, with PetDine and the UFA estimating roughly $1 trillion worth of food is wasted or lost every year. This new partnership will help PetDine recapture some of these ingredients to create value-added, sustainable supplements for its clients.

“UFA has estimated that 30% of food grown each year goes to waste, which is around 62.5 million tons,” said Amelia Den Boer, sustainability manager at PetDine. “More consumers are pushing towards a sustainable food system and are willing to spend extra on sustainable pet products, with at least 57% of consumers actively looking to purchase more upcycled food. This partnership is about doing more with less and creating high quality, nutritious pet supplements out of the nutrients that often slip through the cracks of our food system.”

UFA has established a standard program to verify food products using upcycled ingredients, which are by the association’s definition those ingredients that otherwise would not have gone to human consumption.

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