GREENVILLE, ILL. — Marcoot® Jersey Creamery, a seventh-generation dairy farming family, launched Dog-O’s™ Cheesy Chompers™ July 26. The company’s first foray into the pet food and treat industry are sourced, produced and packaged daily on the Marcoot family farm in Greenville, Illinois. The dog treats feature 100% cheese, hardened and shaped into crunchy “O” shapes.

Developed by Marcoot Jersey Creamery’s cheese experts, sisters and co-owners Amy Marcoot and Beth Marcoot Young, Dog-O’s are available to be distributed to pet specialty retailers and distributors across the United States. 

“We love that for seven generations we have been able to work together as a family to grow our business, to care for our Jersey cows, and continue sustainable farming so the next generation can continue this legacy,” Beth said. “We are extremely proud of our Farm to Fork business concept and we work hard every day to ensure we make excellent products for our customers. We appreciate their support of the pet industry distributors and retailers that believe in our products as much as we do, and will continue to work hard to be sure that we earn their trust.”

Amy added, “We love that our customers can come to our farm six days a week and see the process from the cow eating the grass in the pasture to making cheese! As an artisan company, Dog-O's is made with the same care and consideration that our cheese for humans is made. We evaluate every batch to ensure excellent quality before it's packaged and sold or shipped. The same holds true as we look to continue to grow the Dog-O's line and we are excited about a pipeline of new products and new flavors coming soon!”

Dog-O’s Cheesy Chompers are available in two sizes: one size for small dogs and one size for medium to large dogs. These new cheesy dog treats are also available in bulk packs for multi-dog households or for pet owners with large breed dogs.

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