AMSTERDAM — Corbion is investing in sustainable agriculture through a recent partnership with Truterra, LLC, the sustainability business arm of Land O’Lakes. Truterra supports private farmers looking to scale up conservation efforts and sustainable agriculture practices, including farmers that supply Corbion with US-sourced soybeans.

Truterra and a local partner, Central Valley Ag (CVA), will work with Corbion’s soybean farmers to implement data-driven sustainability efforts. The partnership will use Truterra Insights Engine, a digital sustainability data platform, to establish baselines for their field, identify opportunities for sustainable improvement, and model the impacts of various conservation projects.

"We are very proud to partner with Truterra and CVA to promote sustainable agriculture practices in our supply chain," said Olivier Rigaud, chief executive officer at Corbion. "Our collaboration is founded on a shared understanding that the health of our planet, our people and our businesses are absolutely intertwined. Science gives us a disciplined understanding of how nature works. Technology gives us powerful tools that help us be more efficient. It's up to us to share these things, working together to realize their potential for creating benefits throughout the supply network, and helping to secure our longer-term future."

Soybean farmers will benefit from a framework for continuous sustainable improvement affecting natural resources, profitability and supply chain sustainability. Additionally, the Insights Engine by Truterra can be used to track and trend data on each supplier’s historical environmental impact, measuring factors including greenhouse gas emissions, yield and soil health, Corbion shared.

“It's great to see Corbion make a commitment like this as it sends a very clear signal to the marketplace,” said Jason Weller, vice president at Truterra. “Working with farmers is one of the fastest, most scalable and effective ways to achieve sustainability results. As private sector demand for on-farm stewardship continues to grow, we’re proud to partner with world-class companies like Corbion to bring new resources and new opportunities directly to farmers and their local ag retailers.”

Corbion also shared a detailed infographic on regenerative agriculture, an emerging practice which the company hopes to promote through its partnership with Truterra. Regenerative agriculture practices include no-till farming, cover crops and integrated grazing according to the company, and offer several benefits such as mitigating climate impacts, improving the resiliency and biodiversity of the food chain and its farmers, boosting profitability and reducing reliance on chemicals and synthetic crop inputs, according to the company,

“Without tools like the Truterra Insights Engine, making wholesale crop management changes across an entire farm operation is a risky proposition,” added Aaron Sindelar, Ph.D., a conservation agronomist at CVA. These innovation trials help farmers evaluate how innovative practices such as cover crop and nitrogen stabilizers fit into their operation’s agronomic and business plans by testing these practices on a portion of their land, which allows farmers the ability to assess their agronomic, economic, and environmental impact.”

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