LUTZ, FLA. — Mettler-Toledo on June 7 introduced a new EMFR [electro-magnetic force restoration] load cell technology, FlashCell™, designed for speed and precision. The solution can weigh food products at speeds up to 800 ppm (parts per million) while exceeding standards set by the Measuring Instrument Directive (MID). 

The solution offers three different load cell types depending on the product, and can weigh up to 10 kilograms. FlashCell technology can be paired with Mettler-Toledo’s C-Series checkweighers to reduce product waste and achieve higher precision levels.

“FlashCell™ technology is a significant further improvement of the already flexible C-Series checkweighers, giving customers the opportunity to increase performance significantly while maximizing precision according to their needs,” said Frank Borrmann, market manager at Mettler-Toledo Product Inspection. 

“In today’s market, food manufacturers need to be able to respond quickly and competently to fast-changing trends, including changes in product types, shapes and weights,” Borrmann added. “By investing in a checkweigher from Mettler-Toledo with FlashCell™ load cell technology, manufacturers will receive a flexible and future-proof system, where every component can adapt to future requirements.”

This new solution offers higher throughputs and increased productivity, higher precision and accuracy, and a reduced operational footprint for checkweighing. With a checkweigher reduced in length, manufacturers can slow conveyor speeds and increase product handling stability, the company reported.

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