LUTZ, FLA. — Mettler-Toledo Product Inspection, a division of METTLER TOLEDO, introduced its latest food traceability update for its ProdX software. This latest version of ProdX incorporates Industry 4.0 principles in preparation for the latest Blockchain data protection technology, the company said.

The updated product inspection software features encrypted machine-to-machine communication with tags for test results that can be shared with Enterprise Resource Planning and other manufacturing systems; enhanced password rules and central verification; automatic logging of performance test data; real-time food safety compliance; full support for batch changeovers; and a fail-safe testing regime.

“Food manufacturers are under increasing pressure to satisfy stringent food safety rules and regulations,” said Peter Spring, head of product development for ProdX. “The growing need for continuous real-time monitoring of food safety compliance will force a cultural attitude change in how manufacturers implement food safety measures.

“ProdX enables manufacturers to get ahead of these requirements and operate a cost-effective digital solution that provides real-time food compliance, digital traceability and full integrity of data, as well as complete product inspection management. The need for digital food track and traceability is coming – the latest version of our proprietary software ensures that manufacturers are ready for it right now.”

METTLER TOLEDO’s ProdX software allows manufacturers to automate compliance performance tests instead of manually entering data, resulting in reliable and continuous documentation and testing for each individual product or batch.

The US Food and Drug Administration has provided new guidance for digital track-and-trace procedures, changing the standards for compliance and transparency throughout the food supply chain.

“Food manufacturers must be ready for these changes and digital technology provides the answer,” Spring said. “Implementing such a digital transformation on their own can be expensive. It also requires sound planning. Mettler-Toledo’s ProdX product inspection management system is ready to go now and is continually developing to keep ahead of evolving food safety compliance requirements”.

With onsite audit access restricted due to COVID-19, the company pointed out, cutting-edge product inspection software like ProdX can help manufacturers collect and manage information digitally. Additionally, processors can quickly retrieve batch-level data in the case of a recall.

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