BOULDER, COLO. — Pet Sustainability Coalition (PSC) announced June 1 it has partnered with the Independent and Neighborhood Pet Retail Association (IndiePet) to spark increased pet retailer participation in its sustainability programs.

Currently, only 10% of PSC’s members are retailers, but PSC and IndiePet hope to change this by providing expanded access to education, membership and tools that will help independent pet retailers engage with and accelerate more environmentally and socially sustainable practices. This, in turn, is expected to grow stakeholder engagement for these retailers.

“Independent pet retailers are known for our deep connections to our communities and that includes being responsible corporate citizens,” said Al Puntillo, president of IndiePet. “We also have tremendous passion for both social and environmental sustainability, but often we don’t know where to start or we just can’t give as much time to this portion of our business as we would like. PSC and IndiePet are committed to building a unified approach to sustainability that fits the IndiePet channel and that makes it easy for independent retailers to customize a sustainability plan that fits their business and their community.”

PSC and IndiePet will provide support for independent pet retailers, as well as help them identify and execute sustainable business opportunities through several avenues. These include helping retailers build their own sustainability teams, educating merchandising employees on how to find more sustainable products, and identifying cost-savings opportunities that also support store efficiency and sustainability.

As part of the partnership and recognizing independent pet retailers’ often limited time, the two organizations will develop sustainability information in “digestible sizes” to keep retailers informed on sustainable proteins and packaging, as well as methods to keep employees engaged in their sustainability stories.

Discounts will also be available for current PSC and IndiePet members to join each other’s organizations, and a free sustainability assessment will be offered to all IndiePet members to help them “identify low-hanging fruit.”

PSC and IndiePet will hold an inaugural meeting Aug. 16 during SuperZoo 2021, slated from Aug. 16 to 19 in Las Vegas, to discuss their combined priorities and strategies.

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