NEW YORK — Bocce’s Bakery has officially launched its latest product, Brushy Sticks, which it introduced at Global Pet Expo Digital Access in March.

With health and wellness trends for pets flooding the market, Bocce’s Bakery has answered with a suite of new, functional products. In March, the company launched a line of functional dog treats, Bocce’s Dailies, which support dental, skin and coat, immune system and digestion health, along with a calming treat formula.

Its most recent Brushy Sticks address dental health, as do its existing Dailies Brushy Bites. The difference between its Brushy Sticks and Brushy Bites is the Sticks are offered as long and longer-lasting treat bars, with the brand’s signature “B” shapes engraved in the grooves of the treat to create a rougher texture to brush teeth and remove plaque and tartar from dogs’ teeth during chew time.

Brushy Sticks are formulated with all-natural ingredients, including apples, coconut and peppermint oil to freshen breath. They are vegan, wheat- and grain-free.

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