NEW YORK — Bocce’s Bakery launched into Whole Foods nationwide on April 2 with three exclusive pet treat products.

The Whole Foods exclusive products include Strawberry Shortcake, a soft and chewy treat formulated with strawberry and peanut butter; Beef Carpaccio, a soft and chewy treat formulated with beef, carrots and parsley; and Beef Tartare, a freeze-dried treat formulated with beef liver.

“Our mission has always been to make natural, limited-ingredient, low-calorie pet treats accessible to all pet parents,” said Wendy Wen, founder and chief executive officer at Antelope, parent company of Bocce’s Bakery. “We started this journey 11 years ago at the Whole Foods store in Tribeca, and we’re proud to continue it today in all Whole Foods stores in the United States.”

Like all of Bocce’s Bakery’s treats, the Whole Foods exclusive products are wheat-free and formulated with limited, natural, human-grade ingredients. The Strawberry Shortcake and Beef Carpaccio treats are available for $7.50, and the Beef Tartare treats are available for $14.99.

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